Laboratorio de Lingüística Informática

Multimodal and Multilingual Advanced Answers Search: Linguistic Resources

Funded by CICYT
Project TIN2007-67407-C03-02
October 2007 to September 2010

The project aims at creating a multimodal (text and voice) and multilingual asnwers search platform which integrates the modules developed by the different participating groups. The stating hypothesis is that it is possible to improve the answers search task of the current systems, working on the modules which made up the architecture of a system of this sort. Specially, the multilingual IR modules, the enhancement of indexing, speeding up the information access, improvement of extraction and arrangement of answers and the questions analysis. We deal with web information, encyclopaedic resources and news. Thus, linguists' work is essential to develop and/or adapt appropriate resources, as well as for the integration of lexical and software resources.

We also aim at appliying this techniques and methodology to other areas, as onthology and information retrieval, Named Entities and voice interaction, investigating ways of adapting these tasks to new domains and languages.

Project goals

The main tasks of the LLI-UAM in BRAVO are:

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