Laboratorio de Lingüística Informática

Español oral en contexto (C-Oral-Rom/SFL)

Español oral en contexto ('Oral Spanish in context') is a complementary teaching material of Spanish as a Foreign Language for the Listening comprehension skill, but also to practice lexical or grammar contents.

It is mainly aimed at teachers or students of intermediate, advanced and proficiency levels (B1-B2 or C1-C2 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages or CEFR).

The resource presents a selection of samples of speech selected from the Spanish part of C-Oral-Rom spoken corpus (published by J. Benjamins in 2005).

In total, approximately 6000 examples are offered in more than 3500 sounds.

Español oral en contexto is composed of books with a CD including a hypertext tool to consult and listen to the linguistic contexts.


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