Laboratorio de Lingüística Informática

Spanish-Egyptian meeting on automatic processing and electronic linguistic resources for Spanish and Arabic

Funded by AECID
Code: B/018856/08
Period: from January 9th 2009 to January 8th 2010

Spanish responsible: Antonio Moreno Sandoval (UAM)
Egyptian responsible: Doaa Samy (Cairo University)

The main aim of this project is laying the foundations of an stable relationship between the Cairo University and the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid in the area of automatic language processing and electronic resources (corpus, lexicons, acoustic databases).

Main collaborators

Other collaborators

Project aims Researchers

  • In Spain:
  • In Egypt: Methodology

    The experience exchange is organized through the following events:

    1. Visit by the Spanish team to the egyptian centre on the first week of November 2009. There, it was organized a workshop on automatic processing and corpora at Cairo University.
    2. Publication of the proceedings.
    3. Preparation of a joint project and/or signing of an inter-university agreement. The agreement proposal was approved by the Governing Council of the UAM on October, 9th 2009 and it is waiting for the Cairo University Vice-Chancellor's sign. Probably, the agreement between both universities will be finalized on the first term 2010.

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