Laboratorio de Lingüística Informática

Spanish and Japanese Linguistic Studies based on corpora

Founded by UAM and Banco Santander
Period: 2015-2016

Principal Investigator in Spain: Théophile Ambadiang Omengele
Principal Investigator in Japan: Hiroto Ueda (University of Tokyo) Researchers

  • Spain:
  • Japan:

    The UAM-Santander 2015/16 project aims to perform contrastive studies between Spanish and Japanese following different approaches (descriptive, applied to language teaching, statistical, etc.). They will be performed using electronic data through an online platform available at the Laboratory of Computational Linguistics-UAM (corpora and morphological analisers) y and the University of Tokyo (NUMEROS and LETRAS software). The project intends to spread the interest in Digital Linguistics and Language Studies among the Spanish and Japaneses scientific community.

    Shared resources

    Project goals
      1. Joint research in linguistic analysis
      • Computational tools: continuation of the development of LETRAS-web and NUMEROS-web
      • Joint publications in the areas of Digital Linguistics and Language Studies
      • Integration of qualitative and quantitative methodologies.
      • Aplication to Spanish and Japanese language teaching

      2. Strengthening the relationship between workgroups
      • Organisation of seminars and talks
      • Exchange of young researchers


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