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The Jabalín project includes the creation of a transliteration system for representing Arabic characters using latin characters. A transliteration is a one-to-one mapping of all the characters used in a language to a well defined set of symbols selected from a different writing system. In the field of Arabic language processing, the Buckwalter transliteration system has achieved wide acceptance in recent years. It has the advantage of being widely portable, since it consists only of ascii characters. Unfortunately, it also contains non-letter symbols and turns out to be very difficult to read, even for the Arabic expert. For this reason, we created a new transliteration system for the Arabic language, trying to respect the principles of portability and readability as much as possible.

The Jabalín Transliteration Chart

Arabic Name of letter Buckwalter Jabalín Unicode Jabalín character
ء isolated hamza ' c 0x621
آ alif mamduda | Ã 0x622
أ hamza above alif > Á 0x623
ؤ hamza above waw & ú 0x624
إ hamza below alif < À 0x625
ئ hamza above ya } ý 0x626
ا alif A A 0x627
ب ba b b 0x628
ة ta marbuta p ä 0x629
ت ta t t 0x62a
ث tha v þ 0x62b
ج jim j j 0x62c
ح Ha H H 0x62d
خ kha x x 0x62e
د dal d d 0x62f
ذ dhal * ð 0x630
ر ra r r 0x631
ز zay z z 0x632
س sin s s 0x633
ش shin $ X 0x634
ص Sad S S 0x635
ض DaD D D 0x636
ط Ta T T 0x637
ظ Dha Z Z 0x638
ع 'ayn E ç 0x639
غ gayn g g 0x63a
ف fa f f 0x641
ق qaf q q 0x642
ك kaf k k 0x643
ل lam l l 0x644
م mim m m 0x645
ن n n n 0x646
ه ha h h 0x647
و waw w w 0x648
ى alif maqsura Y Y 0x649
ي ya y y 0x64a
َ fatha a a 0x64e
ُ damma u u 0x64f
ِ kasra i i 0x650
ً double fatha F â 0x64b
ٌ double damma N û 0x64c
ٍ double kasra K î 0x64d
ّ shadda ~ ~ 0x651
ْ sukun o · 0x652
ـ tatweel or kashida _ ¯ 0x640

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