OJIME Modality Tagger for Spanish and Japanese

The Ojime Modality Tagger is an online platform for automatically annotating and classifying auxiliaries, adverbs, adjectives and verbal moods that encode modality in a Spanish or Japanese text. These elements, also known as modal markers, are primarily expressions of necessity and possibility, and are present in all languages of the world. Ojime first uses GRAMPAL and JUMAN as POS taggers for text tokenisation and retrieving morphological information. Then it assigns the modal information, represented by a series of colours:

- Green: Necessity Modality

- Blue: Possibility Modality

- Red: Negative element

The text in XML form with the complete annotation is provided by Ojime, and it also shows and plots the frequencies of the results. Additionally, the frequencies of modal markers previously annotated in two spoken corpora, CORAL-ROM and CORAL-JAPÓN are included as comparison.

First select the desired language for the annotation:

Spanish Japanese